A letter from Anthony 嗯...... 所以這一篇是他的回信 ;-) 日期: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 15:40:41 +0200 寄件者: "contact anthony" 收件者: "Chen" 主題: Re: mail fr 商務中心om Rainland Hello Chen... (is that correct)? Why, thankyou for such a beautiful and thoughtful letter! So tru 小型辦公室ly lovely and considered, elegant and insightful. Thankyou. It's a thrill for me to hear from people who are to 辦公室出租uched by these little arrows at the moon I fire out into the dark, really. It's still a dull nagging sense of dissapointment to me 買屋 that I have never been to 'the east'.. (if indeed that's where Taiwan is-I didn't go to school and usually never bother with geography unles 房地產s it's 40ft ahead of me).. So, lovely to hear from someone seemingly so far away from where I type. I think your comments RE the records are worthy and valid. I enj 永慶房屋oyed little about the last Jack album and in a way wanted it to be impossible to listen to. I am most excited by 'british Ballads', a project I hope to begin in Januar 東森房屋y. A simple, beautiful and strong piece of work if I can do it correctly... I am and have been a huge David Sylvian fan since I was 15 and never tire of looking at his face. In this respect 台灣房屋 i may never grow up! I love the contrast between his features and voice although it's less so now, perhaps. Anyway. Thankyou for writing. It's brought a little light into this tedious day. I go to the post 看房子 office and supermarket now and then we take our cat to the vets...then dinner... Do you ever feel as if the day is running away from us? All power and Love to you. Anthony Reynolds photographed by Joe DilworthAnthony at home in East London 新成屋 - 2000  .
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